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A President of Honor

Some of us have not changed our minds: Perry/West 2012.

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Miscarriage of justice

Simon Armitage compares the fate of 17th century witches to people falsely accused of terrorism in the wake of 9/11 and John Preston nods along in a none-too-sage sort of way.

Neither man could cite a single instance of a man falsely accused of terrorism in the wake of 9/11. Neither man is interested in the small army falsely accused of witchcraft in the wake of 9/11, all of them in Arabia and South Africa and other hellholes beloved of the BBC.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Patrick Cassidy - Vide Cor Meum

"Based on the sonnet "A ciascun'alma presa" from Dante's "La Vita Nuova". Dante would surely approve.

Thanks and bravos to Patrick Cassidy - composer, producer; Hans Zimmer - producer; Danielle de Niese - soprano as Beatrice; Bruno Lazzaretti - tenor as Dante; Libera / Lyndhurst Orchestrathe, conducted by Gavin Greenaway - choir and orchestra.

The word is that Patrick Cassidy was so overwhelmed and surprised with the arias reception that he is working on a complete opera in the same style."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

They call it democracy

But in a democracy the police would have shot this thug where he stood and the people would have cheered. In a democracy, his family would never have set foot in England in the first place.

The degeneracy of England in one sentence

"Law graduate Fahim Wahid Alam is accused of throwing bricks at police officers as he walked home from a job interview with the London Civic Forum."

This is London

These are the English.


Monday, August 15, 2011

I blame society

Countless millions of your countrymen could watch this and think, she's right.

They should all be transported to Australia.

I am not asking the police to do a damned thing

I am asking the police to get out of the damned way.

Defending a peace memorial

Where there is no peace.

The next colonist who scrawls "Kill the British" on a memorial to our dead should be shot dead, his relatives made to collect the body and take it with them on the next slow boat home.

Men of England: Where the hell are you? One sniper, one spotter, problem sorted.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Arabs don't give away oil. Why do we give away food?

Them them starve until they see sense.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Without the law

"Across much of London on Monday night, if someone had decided to break down your door and rape your daughter, there would have been nothing to stop them. There would have been no one to call."

She would know better than to call her father for help; he writes for The Telegraph, most certainly votes "conservative" and is not a man.

This isn't right. This isn't wrong.

This is biology.

If the government will not uphold the rule of law - even the law as it has been applied unequally and at the expense of the indigenous peoples of Britain since 1945 - then the sovereign power is ceded to its wellspring: The men of England and their brothers in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

It is not for our sake as Englishmen that we must pray for the honour and generosity of the chivalrous men of the EDL; if is for the sake of the newcomers amongst us.

If it kicks off, the looters and skivers and settlers won't be dealing with socialists and castrati, they will be dealing with Saxons, the thin veneer of Christianity - and all pity - scraped away since the War.

Hitler finds out about London riots

Enoch Powell was right

"All the politicians, pc liberal and multiculturalists should the courage to acknowledge that Enoch Powell, when quoted Virgil, was right. And he will always be right. I'm no racist or bigot, and I can see the facts speak for themselves. The majority of the rioters are foreign, including those foreigners born here, with some white foreigners and English lowlife jointing in.

"These riots along with Islamification, Sharia Law, failed multiculturalism, are all the result of unneeded mass immigration which lab/lib/con politicians see as a way of destroying the English people, our culture, way of life and country.

"Were true English people asked if they wanted the English people and England wiped out through immigration and failed multiculturalism and the EU. (Yes the EU because it illegally controls our country and our immigration polices etc).

"Time and again these kind of riots have happen, yet politicians refuse to admit their lies and that they were wrong, and that stop all immigration.. This is the thanks we get for foolish so-called positive discrimination, force fed pc liberal views and polices, force fed multiculturalism, unwanted and unnecessary mass immigration, sharia law and the EU.

"All this while the indigenous English people, our culture, way of life and country are deliberately destroyed by politicians and victims of their failed policies.

"These riots were an organised excuse for filth to steal and destroy. They should be taught a lesson, not let them do what they want to ie riot to create chaos, so they have chance to steal or destroy other peoples property, to attack innocent members of the public.

"At the beginning my anger at the inability of the police to deal with these riots, that they had their hands tied because government policy to always curtail to immigrant and foreign communities rioters (pay dane-geld once and yet never get rid of the dane, or immigrants/aslum seekers heading our way).

"When strong no nonsense aggressive stance and action is called for, we see the home secretary seemly more worried about so-called race relations and future votes from these rioters. This, it should be noted is in light of the governments lessening in the length of prison sentences and less criminals being convicted for their crimes. And with Police cuts apparently imminent.

"The military should not be allowed called in. They are there to fight wars, not do the job of the police force. What should be allowed is for the police to use maximum force, including the use of rubber bullets, tears gas, water cannons and anything else they are permitted to use including firearms.

"Once again we English, see rioting being committed mainly by non English people, against all innocent people and private property. This is nothing new, this is what anyone with common-sense knew would happen when you have decades of unneeded immigration by people who we have no need for and who have no interest in our way of life.

"If the English had their own parliament with English only MPs (as Scotland has) you can guarantee that an English parliament would not be reluctant to tackle these guttersnipe criminals head on and crush them, because that is where it's priority would lie with i.e. England and the English people."

• Posted by: JoeBerwickonTweedEngland

Feral children

"They are essentially wild beasts. I use that phrase advisedly, because it seems appropriate to young people bereft of the discipline that might make them employable; of the conscience that distinguishes between right and wrong."

An evening constitutional with the Prols

One couple ventured on to the streets to insult police while pushing their baby girl in a pushchair.

The father, called Neil, in his early 20s, said: ‘This is brilliant, we heard it was all kicking off on Twitter and came right here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to run an empire 2

The Chinese have more sound advice.

After months during which China has bridled over western lectures about its fierce crackdown on dissent in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings, the country's official media reported on the shaming scenes in Britain with a mixture of shock and schadenfreude.

"The West have been talking about supporting internet freedom, and oppose other countries' government to control this kind of websites, now we can say they are tasting the bitter fruit [of their complacency] and they can't complain about it," wrote one commentator in official Communist Party mouthpiece, People's Daily.

They are right.

Establishments across the West have to make a decision: Will there be law or will there be chaos? Decades of estrogenthink has crippled our economies, or military forces, our media, our education and justice systems, and ultimately our ability to distinguish right from wrong.

In nominally communist China you now have have more freedom of speech (with the exception of two or three clearly delineated topics) and more elementary freedom of the person (to smoke cigarettes, for example) than in any nominally representative "democracy" in the West. You will be safer from Islamic terror, safer from foreign military or demographic conquest and safer from rule by the mob.

London rioters

Showing the rich people we can do what we want.

"In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man."

We Englishmen owe Enoch Powell an apology.

The only men in London

Are Turks. The English are either rioting, too afraid of the apes to take up arms or too afraid of what someone might say about them if they did.

All we are saying

Is give grapeshot a chance.

Reports of rioting in Salford

How could they tell?

Pox populi

This is what the BBC chooses to represent the public.

Rob, London writes: You create a society where vastly overpaid footballers and models can flaunt their wealth and behave in any manner they see fit, and are still treated as near gods by the media. You lead our youth to expect instant fame and wealth, and instead they get unemployment, poverty, and no future. And now you act surprised when they revolt.

They won't publish my letter.

Malik, Peoples Republic of North London writes: You create a Maoist cult of puritanism where personal accomplishment and beauty and enjoying life in the manner you see fit is treated as anathema by the state media. You lead our youth to believe they can live on benefit at the expense of people who work for a living yet see no connection between their refusal to get a job and their richly deserved poverty. No, I am not surprised they are in revolt, they are revolting.

The Rise of the Planet of the Arabs

1123: BBC Monitoring A Libyan TV presenter who claims he can talk to spirits and mobilize them in support of Colonel Gaddafi, say Libya was "proud" of the rioters in England. Speaking in English on state-run Al-Jamahiriyah TV, Yusuf Shakir said people in Libya would hold a demonstration to show their solidarity. "We support you black power in Tottenham," he said.

Monday, August 8, 2011

They said I should go to retard

I said no, no, no.

How to run an empire

If we won't do it, the Chinese will. Because the Chinese have the will.

Chinese authorities "are sending a clear message to the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang: those who rebel against the domination of Beijing will be unceremoniously killed”, say a number of analysts the day after the disturbing announcement on the website of the government of the autonomous province of Xinjiang, where the authorities have posted a photograph of two Uyghurs (pictured) murdered in cold blood after a being pursued by police and who “could have been taken alive."

That last bit is a nice touch. Via Vlad Tepes.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011


The British tax payer gives money to India so India can give money to Africa.

Democracy in England has become a sick joke. The English people have no Crown and no Parliament to represent their interests.


Now the French want to share our hypothetical aircraft carriers.

The British tax payer will spend £7.8bn on foreigners this year, enough to pay for both Queen Elizabeth class carriers outright (at the original quote of £3.9 bn per carrier).

The British have a "conservative" government making aid for foreigners a priority over the Royal Navy and the defense of the realm.

String them up.

Paul Ryan at Faith & Freedom Coalition

"Paul Ryan spoke at the second annual Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference on June 3, 2011."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you allow a patient in your care to die of thirst

You should be charged with murder, convicted and hanged.

No more British aid to India

India can spare some aid for the UK.

India stepped up its push to deepen its economic ties with Africa and emerge from the shadow of rival China by offering $5 billion to help the continent rich with minerals and commodities.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dr. Jerome Corsi: The birth certificate is a forgery

"Jerome Corsi: Obama's birth certificate is 100% forged; Inside sources say Hawaii made Obama's forged Certificate of Live Birth and placed it in the Hawaii DOH books."

Problem solved

China threatens to crush Somali pirates on shore.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspired by Arabs

Spanish youth protest unemployment by not working.

They promise to keep not working for as long as it takes.

Friday, May 20, 2011

There is justice before the law

And there is justice.

A Spanish mother has taken revenge on the man who raped her 13-year-old daughter at knifepoint by dousing him in petrol and setting him alight. He died of his injuries in hospital on Friday.

Antonio Cosme Velasco Soriano, 69, had been sen to jail for nine years in 1998, but was let out on a three-day pass and returned to his home town of Benejúzar, 30 miles south of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca.

While there, he passed his victim's mother in the street and allegedly taunted her about the attack. He is said to have called out "How's your daughter?", before heading into a crowded bar.

In England: "Figures showed that 198 people arrested on suspicion or rape between 2006 and 2010 admitted the offence but only received a caution."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

About fucking time

There are still student patriots in America. This is the least of how to deal with treason and sedition.

Conservatives have to stop relying on the law - let alone union thugs in police uniforms - to uphold justice and defend civilization. We have to accept our responsibility, do our duty and remember our liberty can only ever be defended with our own hands.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Christian men of Ireland

Do your duty. If a Catholic man sees to the problem, shame on the Protestants. If a Protestant man sees to the problem, shame on the Catholics. If you cannot learn to cooperate, God help us all against the Saracen.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

No need to ask

"We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic."

No need to ask because we know you would be celebrating, you treasonous cunt.

Ugly chicks, bottom feeding beta males protest

Delusions of fuckability. It turns out rape isn't a crime of power, it's a crime of desperation.

Friday, May 6, 2011

More threats

Why in the name of God are these foreign corsairs and barbarians allowed to walk the streets of London?

Deport them and their families. Confiscate their property to pay for it.

They look like mental defectives

Because they are mental defectives. Fifteen hundred years of demon sanctioned first cousin marriage overwhelms the leavening effect of rape on this shallow gene pool.

If we stop fucking around and just take the oil instead of pretending the Arabs did anything to earn it, these lions of jihad will drown in their own drool.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

United States Naval Academy Commandant Speech

VADM Miller, Superintendent of the US Naval Academy, giving improvised speech to midshipmen after news of Bin Laden's death.

They're shit

"Less than shit. They've accomplished nothing, they have nothing. Except for barbarism and rape."

Monday, May 2, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama Birth Certificate Scam

Not a scan.

Obama's Birth Certificate: The "copy" the White House released is not a copy. It is manufactured. This video goes through the proof, and it's much more than the Illustrator "breadcrumbs" that others have found and talked about.

You've been had America, and the White House was dumb enough to stick proof of it on their own web server.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Race of father

Say you were born in the United States in the mid-1960s. Does your birth certificate say your race is African? Or does it say you are a Negro?

Take this certificate of live birth as an example. The fellow is Caucasian, not European.

Such was the norm in the United States. In Kenya, it seems, they were color blind.

And a "note to forgers: It is spelled Ukulele."

It's a fake. It's an obvious fake.

The next day: From the comments.

Ok, someone please help me out here. 2 years ago the Obama camp released the "short form" birth certificate and claimed that a long form did not exist. A month ago, the Governor of Hawaii claimed that after an exhaustive search, Obama's long form birth certificate could not be found. Obama has spent millions preventing this document from being released. Photoshop experts from around the country are decrying this as a fake with no less that 11 "layers" and 24 changes made to it in Photoshop prior to it being saved as a .pdf file.

And now, it suddenly just turns up like it's been in Obama's desk drawer all this time and the MSM is completely incurious about the myriad contradictions here?

Let's say two people are in an elevator

A fight breaks out; both men say the other stole from him.

Who do you believe?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

President Trump

Hel yes.

“Excuse me. You’re not stealing anything. You’re taking — we’re reimbursing ourselves. And we reimburse all of our allies. And we give every family a million or $2 million or $3 million who lost a son or a daughter. And all of the wounded that are all over the streets of all of the cities and all of the country.”

Monday, April 18, 2011

What about burning poppies?

Carlisle Magistrates' Court is staffed with traitors.

A man has been jailed for 70 days today after he burnt a copy of the Koran just over a month after a Muslim got away with a paltry £50 fine for a similar offence.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Leftist puritans and jihad puritans are allies

An Al Jazeera documentary about fast food and obesity in America demonstrates the point. No documentary about the ritual slaughter of animals to their demon god, nothing about the deep fried candies Arabs hand out whenever Jewish children are slaughtered the same way and for the same reason. Just a story about a country where the POOR are FAT because they are too lazy to eat properly and somehow this is my fault.

Hey Al Jazeera leftists: Go fuck yourselves.

You can lead them to water

But pearls before swine.

... the Global Americana Institute has, in partnership with Dar al-Saqi of Beirut brought out a volume of selected writings of Thomas Jefferson in Arabic.

When Muslims burn Colbert for apostasy

The left will still blame Sarah Palin.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Iron Dome works

Israel's missile defense system has made world history by intercepting a short-range rocket fired at Ashkelon.

According to reports from the area, the interception could be seen in Israeli towns near northern Gaza. The second Iron Dome battery was positioned in the area of Ashkelon over the weekend, in addition to a battery already placed north of Be'er Sheva.

Trump sends investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama

This is the first and only man to have the balls to do what should have been done years ago.

Self-proclaimed birther Donald Trump is now so doubtful of President Obama's birthplace that he's sent a team of his own investigators to Hawaii in hopes of getting to the bottom of the issue.

Farange vs Paxman

This is from last summer but will likely remain topical for some time. Until Farage is Prime Minister, in fact.

Paxman is the smarmy cunt on the left (both literally and figuratively).


Red China fucked with his brain.

Some observers believe this image shows a distinctive scar which looks like those left after brain surgery.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

He's right

It's our fault (via Vlad Tepes).

When the fuck are we going to get it?

Comment #186

Poverty in white South Africa.

What needs to be addressed here is the fact that the USA, Canada and the Western European countries coerced South Africa to turn the country over to black rule. What is happening to the white working class and lower middle class should have come as no surprise to anyone.

The USA has a dry land clause for Cubans. This country is letting in Haitian refugees, Somali refugees and basically winking at their own immigration laws to let all of the brown-skinned of Latin America in. However, there is no plan on the books to let poor, dispossessed South African whites (who are reasonably skilled, educated and know English) in, not even on a humanitarian basis, even though many of these people are facing genocidal conditions at the hands of a racist regime who likes to sing "Kill the Boer" at public gatherings.

Europe, too, is letting in every brown Muslim and black African. England could have reserved any openings for white Anglo immigrants from the former Rhodesia and South Africa. Yet, England has made no move to do so, flooding the country with Pakistanis, etc. Holland had a celebrity murdered in her streets by one of the many Muslim immigrants they imported, yet it never occurred to that country to give refuge to the Dutch Boers; skilled, white, Christian and whose tongue is very similar to their own. Same with Germany.

The hostility against the white South African minority is that the politically correct see them as occupiers who should vacate the area for the black indigenous majority. Fine. The white indigenous homelands of Europe should expel anyone not of European lineage and sanctuary status should be offered to the white South Africans. The USA and Canada need to do their share, too.

Last, but not least, I am appalled by the number of white people pompously clucking their tongues over these white squatters having children to feed. These are the same bunch of people who felt very saintly and self-righteously throwing more money at black Haitians breeding like rabbits, who only bred more like rabbits.

They live in a country where white, self-supporting parents of large families are treated like freaks (the Duggars, anyone?) but don't blink an eye at bilking the tax payers to pay for black welfare queens with ten different brats by ten different baby daddies and don't dare even look so much as cross-eyed at them. Not to mention encouraging Pedro and Conchita to cross the border illegally, get on welfare, while working for cash under the table and ... you guessed it ... breed like rabbits!

The white race has to be the dumbest, most suicidal race on the planet. With the attitude on this board, I expect the white race to be totally extinct in the next 200 years, if not sooner.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

France occupies Ivory Coast

"Peace movement" yawns.

French forces have taken over the airport in Abidjan as forces loyal to Cote d'Ivoire's presidential rivals battle for a fourth day for control of the West African country's main city.

Reporting the French intervention, state television urged the city's residents to mobilise and protect Laurent Gbagbo, the incumbent president. The channel also accused Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, of wanting to engage in genocide in the West African country.

Not that I give a shit either. But the next time someone protests American intervention anywhere for anything, deport them to France.

Another thug with a badge

This fascist is shaking with anger but too lazy to do the paperwork involved in charging a tourist with driving offense.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet the new boss

Same as the old boss.


An initial autopsy report cited no injuries and deemed her death a suicide.

Then do something about the Asian youths

Establishment figures are shocked their plan to distract "Asian youths" ended in a brawl.

A group of Asian teenagers were taken on a council funded trip to a theme park to avoid trouble at an English Defence League March - only to become embroiled in a fight when they arrived.

Deport them and their families.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The architect of the Lockerbie massacre has defected

Roll cameras for a drumhead trial and summary execution. After all, he has been at war with Britain for decades.

Or the British Establishment could try to install him as the next Libyan dictator. Because we are stupid and will die.

You say po-tay-to. I say po-tah-to.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fuck 'em, all

Especially the top brass.

Own goal

I lolled so hard.

Fourteen Pakistani soldiers were killed when they fired a mortar to try and repel a group of militants but accidentally hit themselves, a government official said.

If the men of the West ever remember they are men, this war will be over in a weekend.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Iron Dome

The Iron Dome defense system is being implemented.

Now we need to do is make oil and obsolete energy source. It is the 21st century against the 7th century. Let the savages go back to camel raiding each other for wives and fucking their first cousins.

The IDF Chief of the General Staff has ordered, in accordance with government directives, to deploy the "Iron Dome" system across Southern Israel in the coming days. The "Iron Dome" system, a significant achievement of the defense industries in Israel, is currently in an accelerated process of assimilation in the IAF and on the way to becoming fully operational. The system is currently in an evaluation stage on an operational level.

"Iron Dome" will provide part of the answer to the threat of rocket fire at Israel's southern communities, not discounting shelters and offensive measures.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Japanese

Our moral superiors.

The earthquake and tsunami that pulverized coastal Japan crippled a bank's security mechanisms and left a vault wide open. That allowed someone to walk off with 40 million yen ($500,000).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Muslamic rayguns

The Left posts Iranian television propaganda and sneers at the working men of England.

Sod them all. Ee ee EDL!

Burn it

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beavers don't stone each other to death

And they build better houses.

A young woman and her grandmother were stoned to death by a gang of teenagers in South Africa who accused them of being witches.
Cynthia Lemaho, 26, and her 81-year-old grandmother Mupala Motopela were dragged from their home at 5am yesterday by a gang of youngsters who pelted them with rocks until they died.

Let them gorge themselves and die

Darwin vs socialist medicine.

The £1,235,000 cost of their treatments so far would be enough to fund around 1,000 lumpectomies for suspected breast cancer, or a year’s supply of medication for 1,235 Alzheimer’s patients.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Human shields

Another Arab monster hiding behind the skirts of his abused women.

The crowd included many women and children, and some said they had family in Colonel Qaddafi’s forces. They said they had come to protect Colonel Qaddafi’s compound from bombing by volunteering to be shields. “If they want to hit Muammar Qaddafi, they must hit us because we are all Muammar Qaddafi,” said Ghazad Muftah, a 52-year-old widow of a soldier from the Warfalla tribe, who said she was there with her six grown children.

Collatoral damage: Not a bug, a feature.

Glenn Beck on Itamar Massacre

They worship evil and their apologists in the West worship evil. They are Satan's agents in the world.


You glorious bitch.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

It takes Louis Farrakhan to put me on the same side as Barack Obama.

The Palin Doctrine

Brought to you by "President" Obama. Three weeks later is still better late than never.

The call by the Arab League for Western military intervention in an Arab state — in this case asking that a UN “no-fly zone” be imposed over Libya – is not only without precedent but it puts in formal terms what Governor Palin stated three weeks ago should have been America’s response to the political and humanitarian crisis now unfolding there.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Shockingly, online posts from China have been written celebrating Japan's misfortune.

Not everyone is thrilled the Chinese government has sent a disaster relief team either.

...many Chinese, like 66-year-old Zhang Qinglong, are conflicted about this aid.

"From the humanitarian perspective, I support it," he says. "But from a historical perspective, I do not. People my age believe Japan ought to be wiped out. During the Japanese occupation, they killed so many Chinese people."

Though the Chinese are also drawing useful comparisons between the Japanese temperament and their own culture's response to similar disasters.

Take notes, New Orleans!

One particular example that has sparked interest among Chinese netizens is a description of how Japanese teachers shielded their students with their own bodies during the tremors. This stands in stark contrast to the behavior of one infamous Chinese teacher, Fan Meizhong, during the Sichuan earthquake. He was nicknamed Runner Fan for being the first to flee when the earth began moving, abandoning his students inside the classroom, as he ran to the safety of a playing field.

Multicultural disaster response teams are go!

It's all relative, they say.

"In the coastal village Collileufu, Lafkenches carried out a ritual human sacrifice during the days following the main earthquake. Collileufu, located in the Budi Lake area, south of Puerto Saavedra, was by 1960 highly isolated and inhabitants there spoke mainly Mapudungun. The community had gathered in Cerro La Mesa, while the lowlands were struck by successive tsunamis. Juana Namuncura Añen, a local machi, demanded the sacrifice of the grandson of Juan Painecur, a neighbor, in order to calm the earth and the ocean. The victim, 5 year old José Luis Painecur, had his arms and legs removed by Juan Pañán and Juan José Painecur (the victim's grandfather), and was stuck into the sand of the beach like a stake. The waters of the Pacific Ocean then carried the body out to sea. The sacrifice came to be known after a boy in the commune of Nueva Imperial denounced to local leaders the theft of two horses that were allegedly eaten during the sacrifice ritual. The 2 men were charged with the crime of murder and confessed, but later recanted. They were released after 2 years. A judge ruled that those involved had "acted without free will, driven by an irresistible natural force of ancestral tradition." The story was mentioned in a Time magazine article, although with little detail."

This is how much the Japanese need our help

"UK rescue workers say they had to leave quake-hit Japan because they could not secure the necessary paperwork from the British embassy in Tokyo.

"The International Rescue Corps said they were not given permission to work in Japan because it would have made the embassy legally responsible for them."

Earthquake in Japan

Fuck Japan for World War II, by the way. They raped their way through Canadian nurses at the fall of Hong Kong and as far as I can tell have never so much as mouthed an apology for it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

President X gets results

Cost of slaves fall to historic low.

The modern-day slavery expert explained to CNN that the current $90 rate for a human slave is actually at an historic low. Two hundred years ago, a slave cost about $40,000 in today’s money. The reason for this price slide: a massive boom in the world’s population, especially in developing countries, has increased the supply of “slaveable” people.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Muslim science and innovation

Did not end a thousand years ago.

It's all about motivation.

Moderate GOP Representative Louie Gohmert,(R-TX) warned of a nefarious plot to sneak explosives on board airplanes using women's tampons.

We need a Crusade

Not a single woman in this demonic demonstration. This could be anywhere (else) in the Muslim world. Via Vlad Tepes.

God bless Deb Pauly

The first elected official to speak the unvarnished truth.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fuck you Gitte Lillelund Bech

You are a traitor to Christ and civilization and the rule of law.

Jyllands-Posten: Danish warships carrying prayer rugs and Korans, as detained pirates can practice their religion.

Defense Minister Gitte Lillelund Bech (V) vouches for the defense to bring prayer rugs and Korans at the Danish warships, sent to combat pirates in the Horn of Africa.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sanity comes to Orange County

Finally, free men and women speak truth to power.

One nation under God not allah.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

With 48 per cent support

The EDL are not the extremists. The dead ender Marxists in Whitehall, Canterbury and the Duchy of Cornwall are the extremists.

Anti-racism campaigners said the findings were a clear sign that Britain's mainstream parties were losing touch with many voters on the issue of race.

There has been a recent wave of support for extremists such as the English Defence League and the British National Party.

48% of the public - including various foreigners who have no business in the country - means a clear majority of the English in what is, after all, the land given to them by God and force of arms. It is still theirs if they have a mind to keep it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rush Limbaugh - The Koch Brothers

Starts with the story of the prank call to Wisconsin's governor and leads into an important discussion of public sector union dues as a money laundering scheme for the Democrat party and its allies.

In the land of the Brother Leader

Michael J. Totten points to an article about his trip to Libya for background to current events.

The Happy Worker theme was a common one; smiling construction workers wore hardhats, and Bedouins-turned-widget-makers basked in the glory of assembly-line work. One poster showed two hands chained together at the wrist below an image of Qaddafi’s sinister Green Book descending from heaven.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I looked up surrealism in the dictionary

And found an al Jazeera documentary about North Korea's film industry. It's a bit like Fred Phelps sending a film crew to document L. Ron Hubbard's Gold Base.

Pan-Arab colors

First cousin incest congenital retard flags.

Traditional pirate flags. From a distance, a free Englishman could mistake the Arabic for a skull and cross bones.

Because that is what the words mean anyway.

Rapists of the world unite

You have nothing to lose but your shame.

Someone in Egypt Ordered a Pizza for the Protesters in Wisconsin

Ian’s on State Street - a small pizza place near the Capitol - has been fielding calls from citizens of twelve countries and thirty-eight states looking to donate free pizza to the Wisconsinites who have congregated to protest Scott Walker's proposed legislation reducing the rights and pay of state workers.

Workers at Ian's on State Street don not engage in collective bargaining, let alone collective fraud and extortion. They do not have "free" health care for their families for life. They do not earn more than the average income in Wisconsin for the private sector let alone the public sector.

They get by because their boss sold over a thousand pizza slices to socialists by marketing their street protest. Like their boss, they have to pay their own way. They have to work for a living.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The NEA is America's Communist Party

Barack Obama chants his allegience to the SEIU.

God help us

Pakistan to overtake Britain as world's fifth largest nuclear power.

War, now. Destroy them before it is too late to act.

American intelligence agencies believe that Pakistan now has more than 100 deployed nuclear weapons, an increase of nearly 40 per cent in two years.

It means that one of the countries considered the most unstable in the region is ahead of both Britain and, significantly arch-rival India, to own the fifth largest nuclear arsenal behind the United States, Russia, France and China.

President West

Via Five Feet of Fury. This is how to do it.

The Devil's Jig

Four American evangelists taken hostage by demon worshipping corsairs off the coast of East Africa were shot and murdered in cold blood yesterday.

Modern laws against piracy are almost non-existent.

We used to know what to do. Do it. Summary trial. Summary execution. Send them to Hell and feed their corpses to the sharks.

Then bomb their rathole villages into oblivion.

Hanging was the fate of most Pirates. The process was a slow and agonizing death, which often took several minutes. Two methods were used. One would be to put a rope around a person neck and then pull him off the ground. The other was to pull something out from under the condemned and let them swing freely. Rarely, would either method lead to a broken neck and faster, less painful death.

Unlike later executions, hangings in the 16th and 17th century were a spectacle designed to enlighten the community of the evils of piracy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The media, teachers and doctors

All orchestrated by the teachers union in a conspiracy against representative government and the rule of law.

Charge them under the RICO Act. That's $25,000 and twenty years each per count.

We have been doing business with this man

We release his agents who murder on our soil, we take millions in bribes to host his son at one of our of most prestigious universities and we allow BP and all the rest to dictate our foreign policy and with it the fate of our immortal souls.

Damn you Tony Blair. Damn you Gordon Brown. Damn you David Cameron. Damn you to Hell. May you burn there.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Glenn Beck - Islam's "12th Imam"

Not this, not this

Not Jews, not Israel, not America, Islam.

...if you want to know why freedom and democracy won’t bloom in the Middle East its because Islam won’t permit it. If you want to know why social justice and its principles won’t take root it’s because Islam doesn’t allow for them. If you want to know why the religious hatred and intolerance that is endemic virtually everywhere in the region won’t be excised or ameliorated its because hatred and intolerance is at the very heart of Islam and is mandated by it. If you want to know why people’s standard of living won’t be raised its because systemic poverty and ignorance is part and parcel of Islam. If you want to know why the riots and protests won’t lead to lasting change its because Islam doesn’t permit change. If you want to know why tyrants and dictators will continue to be all powerful its because Islam is defined by both.

Islam is in fact the real source of the problems in the Middle East, not Jews, not Israel, not America, Islam, and nothing will change until it is overcome.

Sorry we're late

We work for a living.

The rebuff comes on the fifth consecutive day of protests by public employee union members who were joined on Saturday by several thousand counter demonstrators from the tea party waving "Don't Tread on Me" flags and shouting "Pass the bill!" Officials estimated the total number of people in and around the statehouse near 70,000.

More union evil. Yes, Wisconsin is like Egypt. And just like Egypt, it is union members and left wing students who are the rapists.

“A young female reporter trying to get into the Senate chamber struggled to get through the crowd. She arrived disheveled and upset because she had been roughed up as she tried to get through ‘Bitch-slapped’ the mob told her. A senior senator was spat on. A senator and his female staffer struggled to get into the capitol. He was worried about his staffer because the crowd was grabbing at her and pushing her. University Police were two arms lengths away and did nothing. They, of course, are union.”

Call in the national guard and shoot them down. This isn't a protest, it is an insurrection by the mandarin class against the public they are sworn to serve.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Once upon a time

In Afghanistan.

"Remembering Afghanistan’s hopeful past only makes its present misery seem more tragic. But it is important to know that disorder, terrorism, and violence against schools that educate girls are not inevitable. I want to show Afghanistan’s youth of today how their parents and grandparents really lived."

Ann Coulter Speech at CPAC 2011

At last, a cold day in Hell

A judge with common sense.

Almost 600 criminals trying to make money out of the voting ban on prisoners were slapped down by a High Court judge yesterday.
They had sought £5,000 each compensation for being unable to vote at the last election. Instead, Mr Justice Langstaff ordered them to PAY £76 each towards the costs of their action.
In a decision hailed as a rare legal victory for common sense, he ruled that European judgments should never be allowed to trump laws passed at Westminster.
It was a decisive blow for the authority of Parliament over the European Court of Human Rights – and the legal vultures demanding millions of pounds in compensation for prisoners.

The Squander Bug 1945

Then as now we are told to waste what we earn. It is the same little Hitler voice saying it too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is what freedom means in Egypt

Freedom to rape. To rape journalists. To rape women. To rape white women.

The Left and the jihadis are both in the service of Hell.

They are Satanists: They yelled "Jew! Jew!" as they raped her.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

They called him a Crusader

As if this were an insult. In fact, George Bush has brought about a historic catastrophe for Christians in the Middle East. He is a good man who tried to liberate Muslims from themselves (hat tip to Blazing Cat Fur).

But he should have made war on them until they saw sense.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Hitler Paradigm

The problem with Egypt isn't Mubarak, the problem with Egypt is the Egyptians (via Five Feet of Fury).

59 percent of Egyptian Muslims want democracy and 95 percent want Islam to play a large part in politics. 84 percent believe apostates should face the death penalty. That is what Egyptian democracy will look like. A unanimous majority that wants an Islamic state and a bare majority that wants democracy. Which one do you think will win out? A democratic majority of the country supports murdering people in the name of Islam. Mubarak’s government does not execute apostates or adulterers. But a democratic Egypt will. Why? Because it’s the will of the people.

Monday, February 7, 2011


"A woman who is a virgin if she is executed will go to paradise and so they rape her before they execute her because that way they can guarantee she won't enter paradise."

Because their god is our devil. Because they worship evil. Because they believe their evil acts can tarnish the souls of the innocent.

They are wrong. No matter what indignities they have suffered, the gates of heaven are not closed to the women so cruelly treated. And no matter what lies their demons have told them, each and every rape cultist will find his just reward in hell.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mexico doesn't have an Olympic team

Because anyone who can run, jump or swim is already across the border.


If the United States releases Trident serial numbers to Russia, the United Kingdom should withdraw all forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and invite the United States to leave Diego Garcia.

Damn them and damn us too. The French were right.

Friday, February 4, 2011


May God curse Barack Obama and everyone who voted for him. Traitors to civilization, damned unto the end of days.

Information about every Trident missile the US supplies to Britain will be given to Russia as part of an arms control deal signed by President Barack Obama next week.

Defence analysts claim the agreement risks undermining Britain’s policy of refusing to confirm the exact size of its nuclear arsenal.

If Britain had a government which yet served the interests of Her Majesty the Queen, Julian Assange would be offered asylum from the Americans and a knighthood for his service to the Empire.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Convert to Islam and die

If it is good enough for the jihadis it should be good enough for the Russian government. Ethnic slavs who pervert to Islam should be deported, imprisoned or executed (the latter only makes a Muslim's fondest dream come true).

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Acts 15:20

"You could be eating beef, chicken, etc., offered up to Allah and not even know it. I can just imagine at a Passover Seder the caterer unbeknownst to anyone is serving halal meat! It could be on your pizza without you knowing it, or at your favorite restaurant. People don't realize they could be eating meat sacrificed to idols!"

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Left and the jihadis

Are the same.

Not good enough

"President Dmitry Medvedev vowed that those behind the attack would be tracked down and punished."

Collective punishment is the answer. Keep at it until they give in or you can't find any more of them because they have fled taking their grandmother, their children and their second cousins with them. If it happens again punish them in the ratholes from whence they came.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Billy Bragg

Hypocrite and traitor.

He's bought himself a nice place in a nice part of England, well away from the multicultural hell that he's helped to create for the rest of us.