Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Shockingly, online posts from China have been written celebrating Japan's misfortune.

Not everyone is thrilled the Chinese government has sent a disaster relief team either.

...many Chinese, like 66-year-old Zhang Qinglong, are conflicted about this aid.

"From the humanitarian perspective, I support it," he says. "But from a historical perspective, I do not. People my age believe Japan ought to be wiped out. During the Japanese occupation, they killed so many Chinese people."

Though the Chinese are also drawing useful comparisons between the Japanese temperament and their own culture's response to similar disasters.

Take notes, New Orleans!

One particular example that has sparked interest among Chinese netizens is a description of how Japanese teachers shielded their students with their own bodies during the tremors. This stands in stark contrast to the behavior of one infamous Chinese teacher, Fan Meizhong, during the Sichuan earthquake. He was nicknamed Runner Fan for being the first to flee when the earth began moving, abandoning his students inside the classroom, as he ran to the safety of a playing field.

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