Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Race of father

Say you were born in the United States in the mid-1960s. Does your birth certificate say your race is African? Or does it say you are a Negro?

Take this certificate of live birth as an example. The fellow is Caucasian, not European.

Such was the norm in the United States. In Kenya, it seems, they were color blind.

And a "note to forgers: It is spelled Ukulele."

It's a fake. It's an obvious fake.

The next day: From the comments.

Ok, someone please help me out here. 2 years ago the Obama camp released the "short form" birth certificate and claimed that a long form did not exist. A month ago, the Governor of Hawaii claimed that after an exhaustive search, Obama's long form birth certificate could not be found. Obama has spent millions preventing this document from being released. Photoshop experts from around the country are decrying this as a fake with no less that 11 "layers" and 24 changes made to it in Photoshop prior to it being saved as a .pdf file.

And now, it suddenly just turns up like it's been in Obama's desk drawer all this time and the MSM is completely incurious about the myriad contradictions here?

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