Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to run an empire 2

The Chinese have more sound advice.

After months during which China has bridled over western lectures about its fierce crackdown on dissent in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings, the country's official media reported on the shaming scenes in Britain with a mixture of shock and schadenfreude.

"The West have been talking about supporting internet freedom, and oppose other countries' government to control this kind of websites, now we can say they are tasting the bitter fruit [of their complacency] and they can't complain about it," wrote one commentator in official Communist Party mouthpiece, People's Daily.

They are right.

Establishments across the West have to make a decision: Will there be law or will there be chaos? Decades of estrogenthink has crippled our economies, or military forces, our media, our education and justice systems, and ultimately our ability to distinguish right from wrong.

In nominally communist China you now have have more freedom of speech (with the exception of two or three clearly delineated topics) and more elementary freedom of the person (to smoke cigarettes, for example) than in any nominally representative "democracy" in the West. You will be safer from Islamic terror, safer from foreign military or demographic conquest and safer from rule by the mob.

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