Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Comment #186

Poverty in white South Africa.

What needs to be addressed here is the fact that the USA, Canada and the Western European countries coerced South Africa to turn the country over to black rule. What is happening to the white working class and lower middle class should have come as no surprise to anyone.

The USA has a dry land clause for Cubans. This country is letting in Haitian refugees, Somali refugees and basically winking at their own immigration laws to let all of the brown-skinned of Latin America in. However, there is no plan on the books to let poor, dispossessed South African whites (who are reasonably skilled, educated and know English) in, not even on a humanitarian basis, even though many of these people are facing genocidal conditions at the hands of a racist regime who likes to sing "Kill the Boer" at public gatherings.

Europe, too, is letting in every brown Muslim and black African. England could have reserved any openings for white Anglo immigrants from the former Rhodesia and South Africa. Yet, England has made no move to do so, flooding the country with Pakistanis, etc. Holland had a celebrity murdered in her streets by one of the many Muslim immigrants they imported, yet it never occurred to that country to give refuge to the Dutch Boers; skilled, white, Christian and whose tongue is very similar to their own. Same with Germany.

The hostility against the white South African minority is that the politically correct see them as occupiers who should vacate the area for the black indigenous majority. Fine. The white indigenous homelands of Europe should expel anyone not of European lineage and sanctuary status should be offered to the white South Africans. The USA and Canada need to do their share, too.

Last, but not least, I am appalled by the number of white people pompously clucking their tongues over these white squatters having children to feed. These are the same bunch of people who felt very saintly and self-righteously throwing more money at black Haitians breeding like rabbits, who only bred more like rabbits.

They live in a country where white, self-supporting parents of large families are treated like freaks (the Duggars, anyone?) but don't blink an eye at bilking the tax payers to pay for black welfare queens with ten different brats by ten different baby daddies and don't dare even look so much as cross-eyed at them. Not to mention encouraging Pedro and Conchita to cross the border illegally, get on welfare, while working for cash under the table and ... you guessed it ... breed like rabbits!

The white race has to be the dumbest, most suicidal race on the planet. With the attitude on this board, I expect the white race to be totally extinct in the next 200 years, if not sooner.

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