Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enoch Powell was right

"All the politicians, pc liberal and multiculturalists should the courage to acknowledge that Enoch Powell, when quoted Virgil, was right. And he will always be right. I'm no racist or bigot, and I can see the facts speak for themselves. The majority of the rioters are foreign, including those foreigners born here, with some white foreigners and English lowlife jointing in.

"These riots along with Islamification, Sharia Law, failed multiculturalism, are all the result of unneeded mass immigration which lab/lib/con politicians see as a way of destroying the English people, our culture, way of life and country.

"Were true English people asked if they wanted the English people and England wiped out through immigration and failed multiculturalism and the EU. (Yes the EU because it illegally controls our country and our immigration polices etc).

"Time and again these kind of riots have happen, yet politicians refuse to admit their lies and that they were wrong, and that stop all immigration.. This is the thanks we get for foolish so-called positive discrimination, force fed pc liberal views and polices, force fed multiculturalism, unwanted and unnecessary mass immigration, sharia law and the EU.

"All this while the indigenous English people, our culture, way of life and country are deliberately destroyed by politicians and victims of their failed policies.

"These riots were an organised excuse for filth to steal and destroy. They should be taught a lesson, not let them do what they want to ie riot to create chaos, so they have chance to steal or destroy other peoples property, to attack innocent members of the public.

"At the beginning my anger at the inability of the police to deal with these riots, that they had their hands tied because government policy to always curtail to immigrant and foreign communities rioters (pay dane-geld once and yet never get rid of the dane, or immigrants/aslum seekers heading our way).

"When strong no nonsense aggressive stance and action is called for, we see the home secretary seemly more worried about so-called race relations and future votes from these rioters. This, it should be noted is in light of the governments lessening in the length of prison sentences and less criminals being convicted for their crimes. And with Police cuts apparently imminent.

"The military should not be allowed called in. They are there to fight wars, not do the job of the police force. What should be allowed is for the police to use maximum force, including the use of rubber bullets, tears gas, water cannons and anything else they are permitted to use including firearms.

"Once again we English, see rioting being committed mainly by non English people, against all innocent people and private property. This is nothing new, this is what anyone with common-sense knew would happen when you have decades of unneeded immigration by people who we have no need for and who have no interest in our way of life.

"If the English had their own parliament with English only MPs (as Scotland has) you can guarantee that an English parliament would not be reluctant to tackle these guttersnipe criminals head on and crush them, because that is where it's priority would lie with i.e. England and the English people."

• Posted by: JoeBerwickonTweedEngland

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