Friday, December 31, 2010


Raise the flag of England and you will be charged with a pubic order offense.

Those two Muslims were not scared. But if things progress as I fear they will then they should learn to be. Her Majesty's treasonous government seems hell bent on incubating fascism in the UK.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why do they hate us?

Because they are stone age barbarians; adult men with the mentality of 11 year olds, armed with guns and bombs they could never manufacture themselves, let alone invent.

Our elites' plan? Import them in their millions and their stone age barbarity with them.

This is the idea

How to deal with arrogant foreigners. There is video at the link but it looks like the Man has intimidated whoever posted the YouTube copy into taking it down. Or just put the thumbscrews to YouTube.

First, this guy is causing problems and the Chinese cops do what the police do everywhere; appease the source of the trouble and punish the law abiding. But this crazy foreigner doesn't know when to stop (and why should he with the local law telling him he can come to China and treat the locals like dogs).

Minutes later, as the subway approached the Ouzhuang station, the “arrogant foreigner” got in trouble again, provoking another man with the middle finger and swearing at him. The footage then shows the foreigner pointing at other passengers saying they are “whores”. Then, a woman surnamed Xie who understands English intervenes but the foreigner knocks her mobile phone out of her hands, leading to some male passengers surrounding and attacking him.

We should take a leaf out of the book the Chinese are using.

They invented paper, you know.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Projection isn't just a river in Egypt

Whenever some sociopath levels an evil conspiracy theory against the Jews it is worth remembering some demon worshipping Muslim in some Islamic hellhole somewhere is actually carrying it out (via Gates of Vienna).

In his report, Swiss senator Dick Marty, who gained fame for first revealing the existence of secret CIA prisons holding alleged terrorists, "accuses the prime minister and several government officials from the UÇK [KLA - Kosovo Liberation Army] of being directly responsible for organ trafficking", explains Le Monde. “Marty has identified six detention centres in Albania in which Kosovo Serbs or pro-Serb Albanians were held. These centres allegedly continued to operate even after the Serb surrender [following NATO bombardments] in June 1999". This situation, notes the French newspaper, "persisted until NATO deployed international forces. Once the prisoners were taken to Albania, they were tortured" – and their organs were removed, in some cases.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Realism and Responsibility

Rowan Atkinson for Prime Minister. Stole this from Blazing Cat Fur.

Fuck the French (pardon my French)

"Toward the end of last week a south shore family went to a local church that was preparing food baskets for the needy. They were sent away because they were not francophone and the baskets at that church were for francophones. They were directed to another church where anglophones were served. This in the season of 'Suffer the little children to come unto me…' "

Say nothing, say nothing, say nothing

The best hope for the ­monarchy is that Prince Charles dies before the Queen.

Modern kings and queens must remain distant symbols of glamour, beauty and decency — or they become nothing. In the mid-21st century, as ever, once the public knows too much, the magic will be gone.

Happily for us all, there is every reason to suppose that the Queen will reign on for at least another decade. By then, it should be obvious that it would be madness to allow a quirky, stubbornly opinionated and contentious old man to assume the throne — that the best hope for Britain’s ­monarchy lies with William and Kate.

Job 4:8

"Muslims gathered for Friday prayers at Moscow's central mosque on Friday said they were afraid and angry at a nationalist riot last week that saw hundreds make fascist salutes beside the Kremlin walls."

This is what happens when democratic governments - even authoritarian governments - refust to defend their people and to uphold justice. The natives turn to any strong man on a horse who will act.

In Russia, they are turning to the Nazis. Twenty million dead in the War and they are turning to the fucking Nazis. In Russia.

Because to the common people Russian Nazis are preferable to ethnocide by Islam. These are dark times and they are getting darker.

Clash & riots in Moscow, December 11, 2010. White storm over Russia. Москва. Кровавая Суббота. 11 декабря 2010 г.

Around 15:00 the crowd of protestors started gathering near the Kremlin at the Manezhnaya Square, including nationalists and right-wing football fans soon becoming over 5,500 thousand strong. Official sources indicate that as many as 50,000 people could have gathered. The crowd protested against ethnic criminal, uncontrolled immigration and corrupted government. There were chants of slogans such as "Russia for Russians", "Fuck Chechnya" and "No to Jewish government" as well as more peaceful, among them "One for all and all for one" and "Your children will pay for these killings".

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Threat levels explained

By email:

The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats, and have therefore raised their security level from "Miffed" to "Peeved". Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to "Irritated" or even "A Bit Cross". The English have not been "A Bit Cross" since the blitz in 1940, when tea supplies nearly ran out. Terrorists have been re-categorized from "Tiresome" to "A Bloody Nuisance". The last time the British issued a "Bloody Nuisance" warning level was in 1588, when threatened by the Spanish Armada.

The Scots have raised their threat level from "Pissed Off" to "Let's get the Bastards". They don't have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.

The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from "Run" to "Hide". The only two higher levels in France are "Collaborate" and "Surrender". The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France 's white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country's military capability.

Italy has increased the alert level from "Shout Loudly and Excitedly" to "Elaborate Military Posturing". Two more levels remain: "Ineffective Combat Operations" and "Change Sides".

The Germans have increased their alert state from "Disdainful Arrogance" to "Dress in Uniform and Sing Marching Songs". They also have two higher levels: "Invade a Neighbor" and "Lose".

Belgians, on the other hand, are all on holiday as usual; the only threat they are worried about is NATO pulling out of Brussels .

The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy.

Americans meanwhile, and as usual, are carrying out pre-emptive strikes on all of their allies "just in case".

Canada doesn't have any alert levels.

New Zealand has raised its security levels - from "baaa" to "BAAAA". Due to continuing defense cutbacks, New Zealand has only one more level of escalation, which is "I hope Australia will come and rescue us and we'd better hide the prettiest sheep".

Australia, meanwhile, has raised its security level from "No worries" to "She'll be alright, mate". Three more escalation levels remain: "Crikey!", "I think we'll need to cancel the barbie this weekend" and "The barbie is cancelled". So far no situation has ever warranted use of the final escalation level.

There is yet hope for England

Britain more Thatcherite now than in the 80s.

"It is twenty years since Margaret Thatcher left office, but public opinion is far closer now to many of her core beliefs than it was then. Our findings show that attitudes have hardened over the last two decade, and are more in favour of cutting benefits and against taxing the better off disproportionately."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I`m England till I Die

The true voice of England

Tommy Robinson in Peterborough, December 11, 2010 (via Gates of Vienna).

"Look around you. Do you see any scared fucking faces?"

"As fathers of children, this is our duty to our country."

Know your place

Harriet Harman praises thieving immigrants who send welfare handouts home, the hellholes that spawn them in their teeming millions.

Harriet Harman has praised ‘heroic’ immigrants who claim welfare payments in Britain and use the cash to support families living abroad.

She said the Government should make it easier for them to send the money home and called for tax refunds to encourage more immigrants to follow suit, in particular those who paid for their children to be educated in the Third World.

Need a kicking

Britain's Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne (R) and Gregory Barker, British minister of state for energy and climate change, ride bicycles as they arrive for climate change talks in Cancun

Saturday, December 11, 2010

There are yet Englishmen in England

The chaos that unfolded could also be seen at the historic Westminster Abbey, where monarchs have been crowned since 1066, and where Prince William will marry Kate Middleton in April. Wrecked sections of metal fencing lay in the grounds of the abbey.

Members of the far-right English Defence League organization had turned up to clean up the mess around the Churchill statue — at their own initiative.

One EDL activist, who did not give his name, was on his hands and knees with a brush and some turpentine scrubbing away at graffiti.

"Churchill's a legend. It's disgusting," he said. "He is the best of Britain. This is an insult to our country.

"They (the protesters) are fools. If they're complaining about tuition fees, they should spend that money on getting some history lessons."

If he had been shot at the Cenotaph

He would not have been able to threaten the royal family.

Here's the thieving cunt again.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blackmail and treason

A very middle class mob hold working people to ransom for entitlements they do not need and have not paid for.

He should have been shot on the spot.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Islamic Atrocities Provoked the Crusades

Historical fact is no longer taught in our schools; it has been replaced by nihilism as a precursor to Marxist dictatorship. But in attempting to destroy Christian civilization the Marxists may only have weakened it, clearing the way for Satan's Islamic armies.

Teach your children. Teach your neighbors. Oppose the Liar and his lies.

"This video discusses the Islamic violence against Eastern Christians in the Syrian region during the Middle Ages, and how it provoked the Crusades as a defensive response. The idea that the Crusades were an unprovoked act of violence against Islamic civilization is simply nonsense and not historical. This video makes use of several important medieval primary sources from the Middle East, including Aristakes' 11th Century Armenian History, and the Chronicle of Michael the Syrian."

Die for your country

The French Defence League produces another video to make their point about France.

It's 2010 and I still can't believe I'm being discriminated against because I have brown skin

Well fuck off back to Pakistan then.

Monday, November 29, 2010

This is better

"The British were chickens, but these new men. . .These American Marines. . . They fight like animals, like they're not even human."

- Intercepted radio transmission from Taliban commander after losing Karamanda to 1st Battalion 2nd Marines, Afghanistan 2010

While we ponder that thought in respectful, joyous appreciation, some quotes about the United States Marine Corps. For example:

"I come in peace, I didn't bring artillery. But I am pleading with you with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I'll kill you all."
- Marine General James Mattis, to Iraqi tribal leaders

Address by Congressman Michael R. Pence 11-19-10

"Congressman Michael R. Pence of Indiana addressed registrants of the Federalist Society's 2010 National Lawyers Convention on Friday, November 19, 2010. He was introduced by the Honorable David M. McIntosh of Mayer Brown Row & Maw, LLP and Vice-Chairman of The Federalist Society's Board of Directors."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rush Limbaugh with William Shatner

Rush Limbaugh was interviewed on William Shatner's "Raw Nerve" on A&E. In this clip of the show, Shatner asked Rush what is a conservative?


The New York Times admits it is in possession of a large cache of classified documents. It is now in the process of revealing their contents to the public.

Why aren't they being criminally prosecuted?

Young Tradition - Agincourt Carol

Friday, November 26, 2010

We are stupid and we will die

Taliban fighter reveals he lives for most of year in London and heads to Afghanistan for combat.

If he isn't hanged for treason the Prime Minister should be.

Dear Queen Elizabeth: Do your duty or relinquish the Crown to someone who will.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The family fully supported the accused

Four years for three counts of attempted murder. He tried to drive down his own sixteen year old daughter.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Huckabee: "There's No Such Thing As A Palestinian"

It is as if we have put insane children in charge of our government

Dr. Alan Keyes - "Obama is a Radical Communist - Will Destroy America!"

Obama is attempting to destroy the United States

He may have done it already.

Communiqué from the LDF

Warning to Muslims who believe that the public space can be invaded without consequences.

You are extremely lucky that the French (of all confessions and origins) are so patient and indulgent with you but in the face of your arrogant provocations, one day the limit will be reached.

Then there will no longer be time to whine about discrimination. You will have been the sole cause of your inevitable future troubles if you continue to defy our laws.

Who sows the wind reaps the storm.

Dinesh D'Souza on Glenn Beck: The Roots of Obama's Rage

September 15, 2010 interview with Dinesh D'Souza about his forthcoming book, The Roots of Obama's Rage.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The trouble with Islam


Look, I know Muhammad said he was the last prophet and “no prophet or messenger will come after me and no new faith will emerge.” And I know he said it was OK to marry your first cousins. But he also said a flying donkey lady took him to outer space.

Via Five Feet of Fury.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Michael Savage supports the EDL

Popular American radio talk-show host Michael Savage becomes the first major media figure to publicly voice support for the EDL (via Vlad Tepes).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Richart de Fournival - Onques m'amai tant que jou fui amee

Muslims Against Crusaders, Remembrance Day, London 2010

Defended by the police. Opposed by the EDL.

"Video has notes showing what Muslims are shouting... Armistice Day 2010 - a day that commemorates those who have died in times of war since WW1, including muslims, sikhs and hindus - islamo-fascists staged a provocative demonstration in London, where they flew the black islamic flag of war and burned a giant replica poppy. These islamo-fascists are allowed to denigrate Britain and promote hatred, sharia law, anti-semitism, misogyny, homophobia and kuffarphobia. They were opposed by the English Defence League. Here you see documentary proof that EDL respected the 2 minute silence of remembrance, whilst the muslims showed they have declared a holy war on the west. None of the alleged millions of moderate muslims have condemned what they did, nor stood in opposition. Make of that what you will."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chesterton And The Crusades

"It is a tag of the materialists that the truth about history rubs away the romance of history. It is dear ot the modern mind because it is depressing; but it does not happen to be true."

Estampie - Ahi Amours

"Ahi! Amours, con dure departie
me convendra faire pour le meillour
Ki anques fust amee ne servie!
Deus me ramaint a li par sa dousour
Si voirement que m'em part a dolour.

"Las! Qu'ai je dit?
Ja ne m'en part mie ains va
Mes cors wervir nostre seignour,
Mes cuers remaint del tout en sa baille."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Preemptive surrender

The new head of Britain's armed forces, General Sir David Richards, claims the West cannot defeat al-Qaeda and "militant" Islam.

The general said: "In conventional war, defeat and victory is very clear cut and is symbolised by troops marching into another nation's capital. First of all you have to ask: do we need to defeat it [Islamist militancy] in the sense of a clear cut victory? I would argue that it is unnecessary and would never be achieved.

A thought: We try marching into the enemy capital before declaring defeat. So long as one stone stands upon another in Mecca, we have yet to begin this war much less fight it.

No need to start with Mecca, mind you. The British Army should first deploy to Bradford, Oldham and a dozen formerly English cities and get stuck in.

Margaret Thatcher on Swedish neutrality in World War II

Via Vlad Tepes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sack him then deport him and his extended family

An inquiry is underway after an RAF serviceman was refused a cab by an Asian taxi driver in Sheffield who objected to his uniform.

The 24-year-old serviceman who had been at a family wedding ceremony in his RAF "blues" was turned away from the black cab by the driver who apparently became aggressive.

Sheffield City Council, the RAF and the local taxi association are now investigating amid calls for the driver to be sacked.

Riot and sedition

Execute this rabble. This isn't protest. This is terrorism.

‘There are a number of different Government buildings in that part of London and all of them would have been legitimate targets for protest and occupation.’

Revolution’s website states: ‘We are a group of young activists who are fed up with unemployment, war, poverty, cuts and capitalism. We want to bring down Cam and Clegg’s millionaire coalition and replace it with socialism.’

Pat Condell: Free speech in Europe

His best yet.


Demon cultists use demon flail to bloody themselves in the name of Satan.

Bare-chested men were left bleeding heavily during the ritual known as Matam – self-flagellation – which a witness described as being “like a scene from a horror film”.

Let's import the rest of their families and put them on the dole. I am told it's the Christian thing to do.

If ballots don't work

Bullets will.

Joyce Kaufman, the self-styled "most heavily armed" conservative radio host in South Florida, has quit as Congressman-elect Allen West's chief of staff, just days after taking the job. --- Kaufman, closely aligned with the tea party, lashed out at the "liberal media" for raising questions about her conservative views. A YouTube clip -- now removed -- shows her calling for the people to take back government even if it means using "bullets."

She is saying nothing the Founding Fathers did not say before her.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hang them until dead

A few heads on pikes and this sort of thing stops sharpish. Do nothing and expect more.

Your call.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frozen pig head desecrated

Neutering Iran

What Lindsey Graham says is fine so far as it goes but they will have to neuter Hezbollah while they are at it.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said his fellow conservative, fresh from their historic elections romp this week, support "bold" action to deal with Iran.
The South Carolina Republican saw the United States going to war with the Islamic republic "not to just neutralize their nuclear program, but to sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard, in other words neuter that regime."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Altruism: the Basis of Nazism

Nazi leaders in their public speeches identified altruism as a moral basis of Nazi ideology. Film of such statements is shown here. Altruism is generally thought to mean kindness, yet its actual meaning and the manner of its implementation led to the Holocaust.

Ayn Rand on Israel and the Middle East

There is nothing complicated about it: This is a confrontation of civilization against savagery. I stand with civilization and against savagery.

Inside the gates of Vienna

Vienna: 38% of Muslim youth think Hitler did a lot of good.

The Austrian Institute for Youth Culture Research recently polled 400 youth (16-19 years old) in Vienna on politics, antisemitism, sexuality and ring-wing radicalism. In addition they polled 80 Turkish and Arab youth.

Friday, November 5, 2010

They are in the service of demons

Perfectly normal Muslims inspired by their demonic bible tried to bring down a US cargo plane using two exploding dogs.

Their evil grinning faces

"sometimes you have to fight fire with fire..... I think the time will come when the people of britain have to take the law into their own hands and do what needs to be done!"

Cognitive dissonance

The first half of this sentence is immediately contradicted by the second half of this sentence.

'There are thousands of Muslims in Europe who participate in our way of life and intend continuing to do so and if they want to dress in a certain way because of their beliefs, we shouldn't feel threatened.'

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sharia law banned in Oklahoma

Good news. More like it needed.

Do not ban Anwar al-Awlaki's videos

Arrest, try and convict him then shoot Anwar al-Awlaki in the head. Or whatever it is they used to do to traitors in the United States.

As to the results of al-Awlaki's latest atrocity by proxy, I blame the victim:

'He shouted at me "What was that for?" I think I stabbed him again. I think I did it twice. I tried to attack him again. People started to scream.'

He should have asked her if they could just talk about it. Worked out so well for Theo van Gogh and everyone else who is still not paying attention.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The French are useless in a fight

Breaking news.

Don't laugh. Our "conservative" betters are relying on THE FRENCH to protect us.

The hell with this. I am moving to Texas.

We don't LOOK weak. We ARE weak.

The Americans have offered a (small) aircraft carrier to protect the Olympics from Muslims.

Unfortunately, we English first have to be protected from ourselves.

The White House has offered to send a U.S. aircraft carrier to be stationed off the British coast and boost security during the London Olympics, Ministry of Defence sources claimed last night.

The suggestion is said to have been rejected by No10 because it would make the UK look ‘weak’.

Dutch navy escorts food supplies to Somalia

Wouldn't want the pirates and their families to go hungry, right?

Here is a thought: Enough with the masturbatory charity. It is Christian to turn the other cheek, not to hand the enemies of G*d a stick to beat you with.

Send no food supplies and you don't need to send a naval escort to protect it from the criminal scum and their get it is meant to help. Leave it long enough and these pirate enclaves with their corsair religion will have to fend for themselves. This starves out the ingrates and we win coming and going.

Fuck food not bombs.

Bombs not food.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is the end

Mohammed is now the most popular name for newborn boys in England and Wales ahead of Jack and Harry.

Not for long. Soon it won't be England or Wales anymore.

Direct action

The EDL has vowed to “close down” any town that betrays British traditions and shows favouritism to Muslims. Well done lads.

The English Defence League said it has written to every council in the country threatening a mass invasion if they ban the word “Christmas”.

It includes using the term “winter festival” in case Christmas upsets Muslims.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The rot

Another ancient institution turned to corruption and death at the behest of our ruling shits. This s the embrace of Mordor as public policy.

The first course launched by Al-Azhar University in collaboration with the University of Cambridge has come to an end. --- This course marks just one of the ways in which Al-Azhar has a blossoming relationship with British universities. In 2008 Al-Azhar set up an English Training Centre which has opened the door to a whole host of opportunities in non-Muslim countries.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

John 14: 2,3

Take heart. This too shall pass.

In partibus infidelium

Let's make a deal: She can testify in her death hoodie so long as she agrees her testimony is worth half of mine.

I did not make the rules of her rape cult. She wants to impose them, she should be forced to abide by them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Police ordered to end hate crimes charges

But only for Muslims.

Examples of crimes to which a blind eye may be turned include incitement to religious hatred or viewing extremist material on the internet.

Last night critics warned that the move could mean Islamic radicals being give the freedom to encourage violence. Some saw the move as a politically correct attempt to appease extremists who hate Britain.

It will certainly encourage the worst extremists who hate Britain. They call themselves a coalition government.

Via Casuals United.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tit for tat

The next al Qaeda atrocity could be met with some applied game theory. It is only a matter of time before their victims stop turning the other cheek.

Spare the lighter spoil the child

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate their own children.

GraveDigger - Deus Lo Vult/Knights Of The Cross

We should not pretend the Crusades were free from error; atrocities were committed against Christians and Jews.

The Tenth time's the charm.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Muslim finally tells the truth

Times Square jihadi answers U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum.

Shahzad, 31, defended his attempt to kill Americans. During his statement before sentencing, Cedarbaum cut him off at one point to ask if he had sworn allegiance to the United States when the Pakistan-born Shahzad became a citizen last year.

I did swear but I did not mean it,” Shahzad said.

“So you took a false oath,” the judge told him.

Not a witch

I would approve this message even if she was a witch.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Planet of The Arabs

Typical Hollywood imbalance. Twelve positive depictions with no basis in evidence.

Out of 1000 films that have Arab & Muslim characters (from the year 1896 to 2000) 12 were postive depictions, 52 were even handed and the rest of the 900 and so were negative.

Chuck Norris rules.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Muslims are doing exactly what the Koran tells them to do

Col. Allen West, Conservative candidate for Florida's 22nd District addresses the Hudson Institute.

Monday, September 20, 2010

What we need is a right wing movement in this country

"Not a Tea Party".

I have listened to this three times in a row. So far.

Jihad Jane: Suicide Song

This is a deleted clip from Troma's upcoming movie POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD, directed by Lloyd Kaufman (Tromeo and Juliet, Terror Firmer, The Toxic Avenger movies). I stole this from a rough cut VHS and added karoake subtitles. I was an intern at Troma, and thought this scene was really offensive and funny, and wanted to make sure the world saw this song.

South Park: Muslim Sensitivity Training

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Koran: a Sorcerer's Scroll - Acts 19: 19

Christians don't burn books, they say. They haven't read the Bible.

Acts 19:19 - "A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas."

Not that I am foursquare with these guys (the word is "Ephesus", pronounce it). But I am all for trolling the outragers.

It's child porn. Burn it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A warning to the West

Muslims in Paris block the streets, stage mass prayer in public and police their events with a private security force.

This is all illegal. But the French have stayed true to form and surrendered Paris to an alien invader.

We are all Frenchmen now.

...even though some in the French government want to get tough with Muslims and ban the burqa, other parts of the French government continue to give Islam a privileged status.

An ordinary French citizen who has been watching the Islamization of Paris decided that the world needed to see what was happening to his city. He used a hidden camera to start posting videos on YouTube. His life has been threatened and so he uses the alias of "Maxime Lepante."

Rod Parsley - The deception of Allah

"In the Koran there are more than ninety names of Allah. None of them is Love."

"America was founded in part with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed." (That's in Part 2)

"Silent No More" is a powerfull colletion of messages by Rod Parsley. This message is "The deception of Allah".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sura 18:50, etc.

Muhammad said Satan had sex with himself and laid eggs.

The religion of retard.

Interview With Walid Shoebat

Ex-Islamist Walid Shoebat turned to the TRUTH, is interviewed by Pat Robertson.

These two gentlemen are mistaken about one thing. There are Hindu suicide bombers, in fact the Tamil Tigers invented the practice.

Classic line: "That guy's going to wear himself out."

"The root sin of the world is Pride."

To Muslims, Satan is God.

Walid Shoebat - Prophecy 101: Islam and Satan

"I believe God has chosen this man."


"Biography of Walid Shoebat

"Born in Bethlehem of Judea, Walid's grandfather was the Muslim Mukhtar (chieftain) of Beit Sahour-Bethlehem (The Shepherd's Fields) and a friend of Haj-Ameen Al-Husseni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and notorious friend of Adolf Hitler.

"Walid's great grandfather, Abdullah Ali Awad-Allah, was also a fighter and close associate of both Abdul Qader and Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who led the Palestinians against Israel. Walid lived through and witnessed Israel's Six Day War while living in Jericho.

"As a young man, he became a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and participated in acts of terror and violence against Israel, and was later imprisoned in the Russian Compound, Jerusalem's central prison for incitement and violence against Israel.

"After his release, he continued his life of violence and rioting in Bethlehem and the Temple Mount. After entering the U.S, he worked as a counselor for the Arab Student Organization at Loop College in Chicago and continued his anti-Israel activities.

"In 1993, Walid studied the Tanach (Jewish Bible) in a challenge to convert his wife to Islam. Six months later, after intense study, Walid realized that everything he had been taught about Jews was a lie. Convinced he was on the side of evil, he became an advocate for his former enemy.

"Driven by a deep passion to heal his own soul, and to bring the truth about the Jews and Israel to the world, Walid shed his former life and his work as a software engineer and set out to tirelessly bring the cause of Israel to tens of thousands of people throughout the world: churches and synagogues, civic groups, government leaders and media.

"Walid has written several online books including "Dear Muslim, Let Me Tell You Why I Believed" and "Israel, And The World's Mock Trial", where he exposes anti-Semitism and the hatred of Jews in both the Islamic Christian and secular worlds.

"Walid is an American citizen and lives in the USA with his wife and children, under this assumed name."

Friday, September 3, 2010

English Defence League protestors on Islam

It takes an Iranian television network to provide a platform the British press won't.

The "reporters" attempt to provoke a "racist" response and gets instead a reasonable, articulate and generous hearted Englishman.

This second part has a brilliant challenge to the Press TV journalist. He can't explain - and is reluctant to admit to - the blue dot symbol for his own network. The protester says the symbol is appearing all over Oldham, a town which used to be part of England.

EDL Bradford Speech - No Surrender

EDL Bradford 28/08/10 EDL Legend Snowy delivers a fantastic speech.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Randy Travis - Three Wooden Crosses

We don't know much about Du'a Khalil Aswad

In Iraq, a Yezidi girl has been stoned to death for falling in love with a Sunni boy.

Video at the link. There was plenty of video to show, the men who weren't casting stones were capturing the moment for posterity on their cell phones.

Our lads fought and died to defend this barbarism. God damns us all for enabling this evil.

Barry Madlener: How dare you even mention freedom of speech?

Barry Madlener, a European Parliament member of the Party for Freedom (PVV), confronts the Turkish minister Egemen Bagis on the topic of human rights, and democracy values.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Come back Robin Hood

Lance Corporal Johno Lee lost a leg in Afghanistan and now he has for the third time been denied a disabled parking permit by Nottinghamshire council "because he might get better".

The tide is coming in

24.6 per cent of children delivered in England and Wales last year were whelped by foreign immigrant women.

Monty Python - The Annoying Peasant

England would be better off with a farcical aquatic ceremony. Moistened bints are just an extra.

Friday, August 27, 2010

You lying cunts

You lying cunts.

"It's like mathematics, Muslims equal terrorists, which is not true," said Imam Selmoune. "We have to look to the reality that Muslims are peaceful people."

God fuck your shitty temples to Evil too.


These wankers are all that stands between you and the knife. But if you choose to defend yourself, you are going to be sent down.

"Stressed-out police are being sent on training courses where they are taught to breathe deeply and visualise relaxing on a beach.

"One force has already paid for more than a quarter of its officers to attend the five-hour ‘emotional survival’ training."

White Slaves Muslim Pirates

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuck these primitives

This is what we are importing wholesale. This is rule by Orc.


Watch this. This is the Antichrist alive in the world. This is why our fathers went on Crusade.

Bernard Lewis and Pat Robertson explain Islam

Pat Robertson discusses Islam with Robert Spencer

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Comedian Mark Thomas & Video Cops

English fascism was always destined to look like a Monty Python sketch.

"If you need any more help identifying your officers, give us a shout." Nice one, mate.

I myself am not anti-violence

The EDL Extra explains why there will probably be violence in Bradford.

"The point is blindingly obvious. The SWP/UAF wants violence. It requires violence. It needs violence.

"Violence even turns many Trots on. I myself am not anti-violence. Full stop. I think that outlets like boxing are good things in certain respects. And even rival-football-fan fights can be a good thing in some ways – as long as civilians and children aren’t involved. For the far left too there is a lot of ‘machismo’, as they would put it; but it is disguised."

Police warning to Bradford-bound protestors

Try the other one on. We know "Islam means peace".

"West Yorkshire Police’s role is to facilitate peaceful protest."

EDL - Bradford - The Ultimate Showdown

Yorkshire EDL: Bradford - This is the one.

Compare and contrast with Guardian propaganda featuring hand picked, facially piereced "locals".

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alexis de Tocqueville

"Evils which are patiently endured when they seem inevitable become intolerable when once the idea of escape from them is suggested."

Save the males

(The Late) Philip Jones on Marxist psychological warfare against males.

"Men don't like being told what to do. Women are far easier to coerce and manipulate. The greatest obstruction to Totalitarianism is masculinity. The Danish State like all the other Dictatorships masquerading as democracies, hand in hand with Feminist ideologues, has conspired to emasculate the Danish male to the point where any prospect of some long lost `Viking` mentality rearing it's head in defiance, of the suffocating levels of control exercised by the State here would be unthinkable."

We are doomed and it is our fault. Any civilization that gives women the vote is sure to be overrun by the savages next door. When the time comes, most women will welcome it as a relief from the burden of pretending they want to work for a living.

Any men who choose to survive the horde will be castrated in mind if not in body. Those who choose castration will form the civil service.

This isn't a joke. It is Ottoman precedent.

Barack Hussein Obama shares his Christian faith

Hatred. That is the word I am looking for.

Happy Ramadan!

"Eighteen-year-old Ebrahim Hamidi is facing execution in Iran on charges of homosexuality, even though he has no lawyer and is not gay"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Human sacrifice

"I was wearing my favourite candy-striped ankle socks when I was first raped. Afterwards, my white coat was covered in blood."

Pakistani gangs force middle-class English girls to become whores using grooming, drugs, beatings, rape, gang rape, blackmail and threats of death and dismemberment to their loved ones.

The men of occupied England: Disarmed, brain-washed, castrated. These violated girls show more mettle.

These are your daughters, sacrificed on an altar of rape and blood. An altar called multi-culturalism and anti-racism. The flower of England made harem slaves so the Establishment can feel good about themselves. They are traitors and heretics. Dhimmi means cattle.

"At 13, Emma still played with dolls and loved nothing more than walking with her pet spaniel, Mollie, through the fields next to her home on the outskirts of Leeds. Her blonde hair was cut in a little girl’s bob and she had never kissed a boy.

"The highlight of her week was Saturday, when she would meet friends at the local shopping centre while her middle-class parents, Jack and Carol, went to Tesco.

"Yet by her 14th birthday, that innocent childhood was over."

I used to want justice. Now I want vengeance. Lex talionis.

Honour stalking

Surveillance tapes filmed by Yaser Said show he stalked his daughters before murdering them.

For being whores. Like your mother, your wife, your sisters and your daughters. This is what the Umma has in store for us unless you do something to stop it.

"While friends and family call the murders honor killings, it’s a label the FBI and local police have been hesitant to use.

"In fact, 8 months after the deaths of Amina and Sarah the FBI added the words “honor killing” to their wanted poster but days later, removed them."

The FBI stand with the enemy and their Muslim President. The FBI stand against the people of the United States and the Constitution they have sworn to uphold.

Halfwitted leniency

Peter Hitchens asks why the honest people of England continue to tolerate the insults thrown in their faces by the establishment.

"Take the case of the career burglar Bradley Wernham, now 19, who has been thieving since he was 12 years old, targeting everything from churches to expensive cars. The grief, anger and distress of his victims – about which our Criminal Injustice System cares nothing – can barely be imagined.

"What happened to him would be ludicrous in any other country. But in this mad nation – under rules which the current Government has no plans to change – a deluded judge gave this creature a ‘last chance’ after hundreds of robberies."

Put him in the stocks. Then do something about the burglar.

Anglo Saxon Lyre

If we cannot rally under the banner of the Crusade, I am just as happy to take up arms and cry "WODEN! WODEN!". So long as the hammer falls.

Enya - Boadicea

We should summon her spirit from the dead and burn Londinium.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

That's enough

It is time to stop helping these savages. We should be murdering them.

"A British doctor who quit her job in the UK to help civilians in Afghanistan has been murdered by the Taliban, two weeks before she was due to get married.

"Dr Karen Woo, 36, and nine other volunteers were killed after they delivered medical supplies to the lawless province of Nuristan in the north-east of the country.

"The former London hospital surgeon, six Americans, a German and an Afghan were lined up and shot one after the other by a ten-strong gang armed with AK-47 rifles."

They murdered a woman with an education they could not comprehend, whose generosity they were too ignorant to accept using weapons their paleolithic ideology could never have contrived for themselves.

Fence the lot. Turn it into a primitive nature reserve. Kill anything that approaches the fence. Use it as a open air prison for any of their brethren we catch on the outside. They want to live in the stone age. Let them.

Or next it's these primitives with an A-bomb.

Young, British and Angry

Abdul. Rocks. Hard. (Skip forward to minute 7:17 and proceed. Better to watch the whole thing.) We are not racist. EE EE EDL!

The journo (Ben Anderson) is a complete planker as you'd expect. He thinks being anti-Muslim is racist. Because he is a thick cunt.

He thinks the problem with Islam in Luton was sui generis. He cannot understand - and can't be bothered to ask - why the men of Luton might need to hide their identities from the al Qaeda bandits in their midst. He has no clue and no interest in what Muslims openly proclaim as their agenda for England. Another middle class wanker on safari in what is left of working class England, condescending to entertain the grunting views of the benighted Morlock underclass.

But this is still more than Marxist propaganda. The lads get to speak their piece.

I will be damned: Australia notices the bloody obvious.

"53 First, vilification of Muslims does not fall within section 20C(1), because Muslims are not a ‘race’ as defined in section 4 of the Act. The reason, as the Tribunal said in Khan [i.e., Khan v Commissioner, Department of Corrective Services & anor [2002] NSWADT 131] at [18], is that Muslims ‘do not share common racial, national or ethnic origins’ and are therefore not an ethno-religious group such as the definition embraces."

Which Muslims say about themselves, if anyone cared to listen.

SDL Edinburgh

The protest has come and gone. The cause is alive.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Passport to Pimlico (1949)

Burgundians united!

"When an unexploded WWII bomb is accidentally detonated in Pimlico, an area of London, it reveals a treasure trove and documents proving that the region is, in fact part of Burgundy, France and thus foreign territory. The British Government attempt to regain control by setting up border controls and cutting off services to the area. The 'Burgundians' fight back..."

EDL v Islam v BNP - Prelude to Civil War

They're not British. You get me.

Tribes And Trust

What most holds people together? Biology and shared history.

"Only Tribes held together by a group feeling can survive in a desert.
--Ibn Khaldun, 14th century Arab historian"

"Don't Blame me, I voted for the American!"

The T-Shirt.

Found in the comments at Bare Naked Islam.

Templar (Close combat)

"We need a big Crusade to destroy islamic cancer in Europe. They are here, once again."

Vox Vulgaris - Cantiga 166

Thursday, August 5, 2010


“To everyone else it looked natural — he was just standing there stroking my shoulder — but just before he had told me that he would shoot me if I didn’t go through with it.”

The girl's father, in case you were wondering.

"She was rescued from Pakistan by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s forced marriage unit and now lives in a refuge in the Midlands, but has been told that she will be murdered by her brothers. The girl told investigators: 'I haven’t been back home since then. My brothers say that they want to take me back to Pakistan so they can kill me basically. They’ll just pay the police there to keep quiet… I don’t want to be killed. I’m only 16. I want to live my life.'"

As she said, she means the police in Pakistan. No need to pay the dhimmis at the Old Bill.

Crucem sanctam subiit - Le Chant des Templiers

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Corvus Corax - Saltarello

After Dudley: Things Have Got to Change

The English Defence League Extra - by Whistle: Time for big boy rules.

"The Police Service who will happily bust the heads of men and women who care passionately about their nation and see it being given over to people who have no right to even be here. The same Police Service (yes, I do see them as all being the same) who ran and grovelled to Muslims when they demonstrated about Palestine in London. One of the most sickening things I have ever seen. If that had been the EDL rallying then the Police would have used their full force to get the patriots off the street.

"Surely you must all now see that the so-called Police Service is physically scared of the Muslims. Physically scared. They are also happy to use these Muslims as a surrogate form of muscle. Hence, they will turn a blind eye whilst Muslims attack patriots. The thinking behind this is that if enough people get attacked and see nothing being done by the very people we, as children, grew up to believe would always protect us, then fear and apathy will set in and no-one will ever rally again."

Heroes and Villains - Richard the Lionheart (Part 1 of 6)

Newt Gingrich: Ban Sharia

It is "totally abhorrent to the Western World".

Enoch Powell: From Nation to Province

Enoch Powell speaks in 1976 on Britains decision to enter the EEC and its inevitable movement from a sovereign nation to a province of Brussels.

Danza - Atrivm Mvsicae de Madrid la Spagna

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Husaria - The Polish Winged Hussars

"Amor patriae nostra lex!

"Movies used to made this short clip:
- Taras Bulba
- With Fire and Sword (Ogniem i Mieczem)
- 1612

- X-Ray Dog - Here Comes the King (longer)

"The Polish Hussars (Polish: Husaria) were the main type of cavalry of Polish Army (and later,the Polish-Lithuanian Army) between the 16th and 18th centuries. When this cavalry type was first introduced by the Serbian mercenary horsemen, they were serving as light cavalry banners (1500), and by the second half of the 16th century hussars had been transformed into heavy cavalry. Until the reforms of 1770s the husaria banners were considered the elite type of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth cavalry.

"Husaria półciężka, znana z wielu zwycięstw formacja kawaleryjska Rzeczypospolitej, obecna na polach bitew od XVI, do początku XVIII wieku. Husaria była wykorzystywana do przełamywania sił nieprzyjaciela poprzez zadawanie rozstrzygających uderzeń w postaci szarż które, w okresie jej istnienia kończyły się zazwyczaj zwycięstwami. Ze względu na nietypowe uzbrojenie i taktykę husaria jest zaliczana do najskuteczniejszych formacji wojskowych w dziejach kawalerii."