Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pox populi

This is what the BBC chooses to represent the public.

Rob, London writes: You create a society where vastly overpaid footballers and models can flaunt their wealth and behave in any manner they see fit, and are still treated as near gods by the media. You lead our youth to expect instant fame and wealth, and instead they get unemployment, poverty, and no future. And now you act surprised when they revolt.

They won't publish my letter.

Malik, Peoples Republic of North London writes: You create a Maoist cult of puritanism where personal accomplishment and beauty and enjoying life in the manner you see fit is treated as anathema by the state media. You lead our youth to believe they can live on benefit at the expense of people who work for a living yet see no connection between their refusal to get a job and their richly deserved poverty. No, I am not surprised they are in revolt, they are revolting.

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