Sunday, September 5, 2010

A warning to the West

Muslims in Paris block the streets, stage mass prayer in public and police their events with a private security force.

This is all illegal. But the French have stayed true to form and surrendered Paris to an alien invader.

We are all Frenchmen now.

...even though some in the French government want to get tough with Muslims and ban the burqa, other parts of the French government continue to give Islam a privileged status.

An ordinary French citizen who has been watching the Islamization of Paris decided that the world needed to see what was happening to his city. He used a hidden camera to start posting videos on YouTube. His life has been threatened and so he uses the alias of "Maxime Lepante."

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  1. A small proportion of the French population is waking up to the unpleasant phenomenon of Islamisation, and there are striking parallels between the difficulties encountered by the French anti-Islamisation movement and the EDL. Over there the leftists have allied themselves with the Islamists just as they have in the UK. Interestingly, the UAF has its very own French counterpart in the form of MRAP, which is also dominated by communists.

    You've probably heard about the simultaneous anti-Islamisation protests held last Saturday evening in five French cities which also involved Maxime's organisation - Riposte Laique. An overview of these demonstrations can be found here along with video footage of protesters being hounded by leftists: