Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is the idea

How to deal with arrogant foreigners. There is video at the link but it looks like the Man has intimidated whoever posted the YouTube copy into taking it down. Or just put the thumbscrews to YouTube.

First, this guy is causing problems and the Chinese cops do what the police do everywhere; appease the source of the trouble and punish the law abiding. But this crazy foreigner doesn't know when to stop (and why should he with the local law telling him he can come to China and treat the locals like dogs).

Minutes later, as the subway approached the Ouzhuang station, the “arrogant foreigner” got in trouble again, provoking another man with the middle finger and swearing at him. The footage then shows the foreigner pointing at other passengers saying they are “whores”. Then, a woman surnamed Xie who understands English intervenes but the foreigner knocks her mobile phone out of her hands, leading to some male passengers surrounding and attacking him.

We should take a leaf out of the book the Chinese are using.

They invented paper, you know.

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