Sunday, August 8, 2010

Human sacrifice

"I was wearing my favourite candy-striped ankle socks when I was first raped. Afterwards, my white coat was covered in blood."

Pakistani gangs force middle-class English girls to become whores using grooming, drugs, beatings, rape, gang rape, blackmail and threats of death and dismemberment to their loved ones.

The men of occupied England: Disarmed, brain-washed, castrated. These violated girls show more mettle.

These are your daughters, sacrificed on an altar of rape and blood. An altar called multi-culturalism and anti-racism. The flower of England made harem slaves so the Establishment can feel good about themselves. They are traitors and heretics. Dhimmi means cattle.

"At 13, Emma still played with dolls and loved nothing more than walking with her pet spaniel, Mollie, through the fields next to her home on the outskirts of Leeds. Her blonde hair was cut in a little girl’s bob and she had never kissed a boy.

"The highlight of her week was Saturday, when she would meet friends at the local shopping centre while her middle-class parents, Jack and Carol, went to Tesco.

"Yet by her 14th birthday, that innocent childhood was over."

I used to want justice. Now I want vengeance. Lex talionis.

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