Saturday, August 7, 2010

That's enough

It is time to stop helping these savages. We should be murdering them.

"A British doctor who quit her job in the UK to help civilians in Afghanistan has been murdered by the Taliban, two weeks before she was due to get married.

"Dr Karen Woo, 36, and nine other volunteers were killed after they delivered medical supplies to the lawless province of Nuristan in the north-east of the country.

"The former London hospital surgeon, six Americans, a German and an Afghan were lined up and shot one after the other by a ten-strong gang armed with AK-47 rifles."

They murdered a woman with an education they could not comprehend, whose generosity they were too ignorant to accept using weapons their paleolithic ideology could never have contrived for themselves.

Fence the lot. Turn it into a primitive nature reserve. Kill anything that approaches the fence. Use it as a open air prison for any of their brethren we catch on the outside. They want to live in the stone age. Let them.

Or next it's these primitives with an A-bomb.

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