Saturday, August 7, 2010

Young, British and Angry

Abdul. Rocks. Hard. (Skip forward to minute 7:17 and proceed. Better to watch the whole thing.) We are not racist. EE EE EDL!

The journo (Ben Anderson) is a complete planker as you'd expect. He thinks being anti-Muslim is racist. Because he is a thick cunt.

He thinks the problem with Islam in Luton was sui generis. He cannot understand - and can't be bothered to ask - why the men of Luton might need to hide their identities from the al Qaeda bandits in their midst. He has no clue and no interest in what Muslims openly proclaim as their agenda for England. Another middle class wanker on safari in what is left of working class England, condescending to entertain the grunting views of the benighted Morlock underclass.

But this is still more than Marxist propaganda. The lads get to speak their piece.

I will be damned: Australia notices the bloody obvious.

"53 First, vilification of Muslims does not fall within section 20C(1), because Muslims are not a ‘race’ as defined in section 4 of the Act. The reason, as the Tribunal said in Khan [i.e., Khan v Commissioner, Department of Corrective Services & anor [2002] NSWADT 131] at [18], is that Muslims ‘do not share common racial, national or ethnic origins’ and are therefore not an ethno-religious group such as the definition embraces."

Which Muslims say about themselves, if anyone cared to listen.

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