Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A suspicion of conspiracy

Seven men were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to blow up a Bournemouth mosque.

Then released without charge.

No need to suspect a conspiracy. There is a conspiracy alright. There is a conspiracy between the police and the Muslims against the English people.

The men, six of whom are members of the England Defence League, were taken to Poole and Southampton police stations for questioning before being released without charge.

Among those arrested was EDL member John Broomfield, 27, who was pulled from his stationary vehicle after armed police opened fire on his van in Corfe Castle village.

Imagine if the police had used the same aggressive armed arrest and control tactics on a number of young Muslim men, having coordinated with local Christians, only to release them without charge; it would be bedlam. There would be murder in the streets and chanting racists calling us racists and the Prime Minister on his knees with mouth puckered.

Guilty until proven not English.

David Cameron, First Vizier of the UK, adopts the position. No, Prime Minister, we will not stand for it.

You're a bit of a cunt aren't you, David?

I think you'll find that you are.

Gates of Vienna says it better than I could.

It looked like we had a decade or so before British resistance collapsed under Muslim pressure and the UK submitted to sharia. But it seems that even the OIC’s Ten-Year Plan of 2005 was too pessimistic, and events are ahead of schedule. The government of the United Kingdom has now chosen sides — and declared for Islam.

Organisation for Islamic Conference is pronounced "oik".

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